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"Upon joining Stirling University I instantly joined the athletics team as athletics has been apart of my life for over 10 years now and I can wholeheartedly say that I have never met a more dedicated coach than Kevin. Although his training seemed daunting on paper at first I trusted the process and he has taken me from a runner who’s only goal was not to come last in his races to an athlete competing with the very best, making national finals and smashing personal best after personal best. When I joined Kevin I had just completed my first full season of competing after a long time off with small injuries and falling out of love with the sport but Kevin helped me to reignite that passion to compete and has helped me to drop over 6 seconds from my 400m personal best in just 4 years helping me to achieve a long term goal I once thought I’d never achieve. Sub 50!! I cannot recommend Kevin as a coach enough to anyone that is willing to put in the work and trust the process you’ll achieve more than you could possibly imagine".

Callum Letham 400m 2017 / 21
Stirling University Athletics Club  President & Alumni 
"I was coached by Kevin for around 3 years whilst I was at Stirling University and I can safely say he’s one of the best coaches around. He works tirelessly to help and improve each and every one of his athletes, regardless of their ability, and he will always listen to your feedback. During my time at Stirling I managed to really grow as an athlete under Kevin and improve upon my personal bests as well as gain a further understanding and appreciation for the sport. The training can be challenging but very rewarding and it is made enjoyable by the group of amazing people that Kevin has managed to put together. So, if you’re looking for a sprints coach then look no further because you’ll find very few who are more dedicated to their athletes than Kev".

Shawn Wright 400m 2013 / 16
Stirling University Athletics Club Alumni & Scottish International
"Kevin without a shadow of a doubt is the most considerate coach I’ve ever had. With studying a course that requires a lot of time on placement and therefore a lot of time away from scheduled training, Kevin has catered for me in every way imaginable. Whether this resorted to him creating alternatives for my training in different environments and different plans, to advising when to rest but, most importantly ALWAYS checking in to see how I am getting on. Kevin isn’t just a coach driven by the goals for his athletes but looks at his athletes in a holistic approach to make sure we reach goals that aren’t solely track focused. Without Kevin my time in Athletic’s at university would not have been the same and the passion he puts into each individual athlete is second to none. If you want a coach who cares about you AND your running you will struggle to find someone more suited to the job than Kevin".
Nicole Muirhead 200m / 400m 2016 / 19
Stirling University Athletics Club
"I came to Kevin later on in my university and athletics career. His knowledge and understanding not just athletics but also his athletes opened my eyes. I had achieved a lot of what my goals in athletics and had lost the passion for it. Spending time with Kevin, it wasn't long before I got this drive back. He listens to his athletes and is dedicated to help them achieve their goals, whatever they might be. His tutoring led me to many personal bests I hadn't touched in years. If your looking for a sprint coach to take you to that next level, look no further".

Pete Muirhead Long Jump 2017 /  19
Stirling University Athletics Club Alumni & Scottish International
"When I joined Kevin’s squad, I was a total beginner in sprinting. My technique was awful and I needed some serious guidance. This is now my fifth year with him and the improvements I have made under his coaching have been incredible. He helped me to achieve my best performances, some incredible PB's and medal wins, as well as university national team selections. I don’t think I would have done that without him! I never thought that would happen. His coaching results in incredibly fit athletes which makes those tough winter sessions worth it come to competition season. He is really able to develop each athlete and understand their strengths and areas of improvements. He is able to tell if even the smallest things need changed. He is incredibly knowledgeable about athletics and always is learning more. He’s there for the athlete from when we need scraped off the track to settling pre-race nerves. He is able to build brilliant coach-athlete relationships. Building that trust is a true testament to how amazing a coach he has been! Whether you’re an experienced athlete or a complete beginner like I was, I could not recommend him more".

Adrienne Rennie 100m / 200m 2014 / 17, 2018 / -
Stirling University Athletics Club Alumni & Track & Field Captain 2015 - 2017
"I have been coached by Kevin for around a total of 5 years. I’ve dipped in and out of training due to other sporting commitments; each time I come back, Kev has welcomed me with open arms. I’ve always been amazed by Kev’s dedication and selflessness to help every member of the team. Given that athletics was not my main sport, Kev has always been able to slightly tailor each training session to my individual needs based on where I was with my own training. Under his coaching I was able to run my fastest, be my fittest and perform my best! He has a plethora of experience coaching athletes across a range of abilities, backgrounds and distances - there’s not many coaches I know like him. If you’re looking for a coach who cares about you as an individual, as well as an athlete; who will improve your athletic performance; and, most importantly, you can truly call a friend then look no further!"

Grant Isdale American Football, 60m / 100m,  2012 / 2017
Stirling University Clansman Alumni, Team Europe, GB Students, German Football League
Stirlling University Athletics Club Alumni 
"Since starting to sprint in my 2nd year of university and from my very first sprints session, Kevin has always pushed me personally to achieve more than I thought was possible. Kevin’s approach to training has taught me a lot about what is needed to achieve results at the highest level. Hard work and effort are the foundations of his training programs and these fundamentals have gotten me the results that I never thought I could achieve. Kevin has been my coach in a few different time periods throughout my athletics career and no doubt I have always achieved my best results. From achieving my personal bests back in 2012. To bringing me back to running fast times in 2015, after a period off after starting full time work, I can always trust Kevin’s approach to getting me into the best shape. Without a doubt the most dedicated and personal coach I have had, would definitely recommend to anyone looking to get into athletics or looking to take their sprinting to the next level".

Blair Crawford 400m 2010 / 12, 2014 / 14, 2017 / 18
Stirling University Athletics Club Alumni & Scottish International
"Upon becoming coach-less & training myself for a few years, It was recommended to me that I approach Kevin. Being a wannabe middle distance athlete it was not Kevin’s area of expertise but he agreed to take me on regardless. I can’t thank him enough for this. We both sat down & realised that it would be a learning curve for us both. For me it was to introduce a completely different side of training that I had been lacking, for Kevin it was to coach a completely new event & athlete. Kevin worked tirelessly with me to address several problems with my training, doing extensive research in the training involved with middle distance running. Through this, I have set personal bests every year that I have ran under Kevin & enjoyed every one of them. Being the only middle distance athlete for quite a while I was able to observe Kevin with his other athletes. It made me appreciate that all the work he had put into me wasn’t out of favouritism. Kevin puts 100% into each & every one of his athletes. From the athlete that just needs more speed for their preferred sport to the international sprinters, he treats them all with the same respect & commitment you need in a coach. If you’re looking for a challenging training programme with a committed coach that knows what he is doing then Kevin is the man for you."
Matthew McKenna 800m / 1500m 2015 / -
Stirling University Athletics Club Alumni
"I started training with Kevin's group after taking up an academic position at Stirling, having trained with several other clubs in the previous five years, and immediately found a squad and a coach with whom I felt comfortable and supported. Kevin's approach is understated, calm and deliberate. He thinks hard about everyone's individual talents and requirements, and tailors sessions appropriately. His deep knowledge of athletics is immediately obvious, as is his commitment to getting the best out of his athletes. He's there in all weathers, regardless of his own professional workloads, whether there's a track full of runners on a sunny afternoon or it's just you and him in the rain. You couldn't ask for more from a coach."
Andy Dobson 400m / 800m 2011 / 14
Stirling University Academic Faculty 
"Kevin has been coaching at Stirling University Athletics Club for almost 10 years now and has been very successful during his spell with the club. Almost all of his athletes last season ran personal best within there events. His methods and logic incorporated into his delivery of training sessions have proved extremely effective and beneficial to the athletes over the years. At each session, Kevin ensures he gets the best out of each athlete whilst also ensuring to make the experience enjoyable and engaging. Kevin consistently goes above and beyond what is required of a university coach and is an essential constant within the club as the committee come and go. He is a strong figure within the group to whom many of them look up to him".
Josh Taylor President 2016 / 17
Stirling University Athletics Club
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